Aims & Objectives

Friends of the Walks (FoW) Aims and Objectives

The new FoW committee have reviewed the aims and objectives of the group and have agreed the following:

  • To promote The Walks (the park) as a national, regional and local community asset.
  • To foster understanding of The Walks: how it evolved; the assets it has; management requirements and resource planning needs.
  • To work in cooperation with the Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk (BCKLWN) and other partner agencies in conserving, managing and developing The Walks and all that it offers.
  • To provide an all-inclusive forum for community involvement and engagement with operations and activities at The Walks.
  • To assist BCKLWN, where possible, with specific tasks including consultation, volunteer coordination, fundraising and simple management duties.
  • To promote sustainable practice and management that will benefit local biodiversity and support a healthy environment.

We have adopted a new ‘Terms of Reference’ document outlining how we will manage meetings, finance, insurances and other organisational considerations.

The Friends group will be open to any individual, group or corporate body interested in the objectives of FoW.